ONC Issues Guide on HIPAA Privacy and Security and Meaningful Use

ONC has recently released a new “Guide to Privacy and Security of Health Information” which incorporates tips on complying with HIPAA Privacy and Security as well as meeting related meaningful use measures.  The guide is designed for clinical providers and focuses on the following:

  • Privacy & Security and Meaningful Use
  • Security Risk Analysis and Management Tips
  • Working with EHR and Health IT Vendors
  • A Privacy & Security 10-Step Plan
  • Health IT Privacy and Security Resources

Specifically, with regard to Meaningful Use, the guide describes Meaningful Use measures 12 and 15:

#12. Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including diag­nostics test results, problem
list, medication lists, medica­tion allergies) upon request.  To learn more about this measure click here.

#15. Protect electronic health information created or maintained by the certified EHR technology through the implementation of appropriate technical capabilities.  To learn more about this measure click here.

If you have questions regarding HIPAA Privacy and Security or Meaningful Use please contact Elana Zana.


Health Data Privacy Protections to Increase

As we wait for the HITECH Act updates to HIPAA to be finalized, yet another article signals the administration’s intent to strengthen privacy protections for health data– http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/31/business/31privacy.html